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Monday, November 12, 2007

The State of the Make Money Online for Real Blog Address

Well the Make Money Online for Real blog has been running a few weeks and I am proud to say that all is well and going as planned!!!
Some money is coming in from the affiliates and I am learning all the time.
Its amazing how much is learned from others websites and the amount of new things to write about is steadily growing each day. It is much more fun than I imagined.
One thing i am still wondering about is whether to upgrade to my own website or continue with Blogger. I have seen blogs on blogspot that are doing very well thank you and one has a net worth of over $80,000. this would be fine for me as I originally wanted to make about that much from mine.
Another thing i am learning is SEO or search engine optimization.
For example I have learned that you should list just the one post on your page at a time and it should be around 400 words in length. this gives the search engine something to chew thru and makes it more easily searched.
I changed the description as well adding "pipelines" instead of the "," 's.
Again making it more search friendly.
Since I did this my search reports have increased quite a bit!!!
So thanks for all my Make Money Online for Real Blog readers and visitors!!!!!

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