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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Long Larry King

This is the last week for Larry King's show and made me think of when I first heard of Larry King. The first time was when he was an analyst on the NFL pre game shows.
Later I could get his show on the local radio and listened to him interview some great people like Mel Torme and Kenny Rankin(both sadly gone).
I swear one night I heard him snoring just for a few seconds.
Then around 1988 his television show was available on our local cable package.
From then on 900 to 1000 was reserved for Larry.
Larry was one of Ted Turner's ideas (one of many great ones he had for CNN).
Thinking back when you wanted real news you always went to CNN and knew Larry would cover it thru his show(eg. the OJ chase).
However now for breaking news the internet is the place to maybe this marks the end of the CNN era of news covering.
With modern technolgy there is no reason Larry could not have his own show on U stream or whatever just as we all could. so we may not have seen the last of the King!!!!

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